Are You Properly Covered?

Thank Goodness For Insurance

When summer comes, most people want to ease up on their work schedule, go on vacation or enjoy the fine weather. Thinking about homeowners insurance is probably not high on their list of priorities. But the summer is when people often travel and leave their homes unattended, exposing themselves to risk. Having the right insurance coverage can help you relax this summer, not to mention saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars should disaster strike.

Jewelry Stolen From Hotel Room

Mr. & Mrs. Bush, who are staying at a lovely coastal resort, leave their hotel room to spend a day at the beach. When they return to their hotel room later that day, they discover that the diamond bracelet Mr. Bush had given to his wife for their tenth anniversary is gone.

Mr. Bush calls their insurance company to report the theft, and he is relieved to learn that the loss is covered. However, the Bush's policy contains certain liability limits for jewelry. To cover the full replacement cost of the bracelet, Mr. Bush should have purchased a scheduled Personal Property Endorsement to increase the liability limit on jewelry before the theft.

Would your loss be covered on your policy?

Hurricane Destroys New Home

Mrs. Black purchase a home in the Gulf Coast area of Florida, a hurricane destroys their new residence. An insurance adjuster visits their home and determines that the house will cost $150,000 to rebuild. In addition, it is determined that $100,000 of personal property is lost.

The Blacks ask when they can start rebuilding their home and replacing their personal property. The adjuster advises them that their insurance policy valued the replacement cost of their home at $125,000 and their contents at $75,000. If the Blacks had the proper valuation on their home and contents, the loss would have been covered in full.

Do not wait until a disaster stikes. Make sure you have the proper coverage needed before you need to file a claim. Check out our inventory guide and fill out one today.

Hailstorm Damages Roof

Mr. Peterson is reading in his den when he notices that the heavy rain from a summer storm has turned into hail. The next day he observes hail damage to his roof and calls his insurance company. The insurance adjuster arrives and determines that the composition shingle roof must be completely replaced for a total cost of $8,000. The adjuster applies the depreciation for the roof's age (ten years), which reduces coverage by 25% to $6,000. If Mr. Peterson had purchased a "replacement cost endorsement" to his homeowners policy, the roof would have been completely covered.

Is your endorsement an " Actual Cash Value" or "Replacement Value"?

Boy Injured at Family Pool Party

The Berry family is hosting a large family pool party on the Fourth of July. Tragedy strikes when Thomas, their twelve-year-old nephew, falls off the diving board. Seriously injured, the young boy is taken to the hospital. Quickly, the hospital bills hits $3,000, but Thomas' parents have no health insurance.

Fortunately, the Berrys realize that the medical payments portion of their homeowners policy covers medical bills of individuals injured on their property, regardless of fault. Thomas recovers quickly, everyone breathes a huge sigh of relief, and Thomas' family is saved from a large medical bill. Do you have enough coverage for this type of claim?

Neighbor Sues Neighbor for Dog Bite

The Singleton children are playing in their backyard when one of them throws a ball over the fence into the Clinton's yard. One of the Singleton children climbs over the fence and unknowingly steps on Cosmo, the Clinton's dog. The startled dog snaps and bites the child.

Outraged,the Singletons file suit against the Clintons and win their case. Fortunately, the Clintons have medical and liability insurance provided by their homeowners policy to protect them.

Does your homeowners policy protect you as well as your neighbor?

Insurance can be a complex product to buy--but it doesn't have to be. Knowing your risks and understanding your coverage is the key to purchasing the right homeowners policy for you. Coverages between policies often vary, so buying on price alone may not provide you with enough insurance to meet your needs. Make sure that you understand exactly how protected you are before you buy. Protect yourself before the summer starts.

Be informed and covered for all the possibilities. Call you agent today and go over your policy to make sure that you have the type of coverage you need for your home.