Summer Checklist

As you begin to plan for the fun and frivolity of summer, here’s a 'Top Ten' checklist to help you determine whether your homeowners insurance policy provides appropriate coverage as is -- or if you need to make some adjustments.

Are you sure your home is adequately covered? If you have just completed some renovations -- like adding a sunporch or deck for the summer – or the homes in your neighborhood have increased in value over the past few years, your coverages may not be sufficient.

If you have a vacation rental property, do you have adequate liability insurance? As the owner, be sure you’re sufficiently protected against renters’ liability claims and potential lawsuits.

When you purchased your boat and/or trailer, did you get additional coverage? Make sure you have enough protection before setting out to sea. If your boat is over a certain size or horsepower, you may even need to get a special ocean marine policy.

Are you bringing valuable items – like jewelry, PCs, or that fancy new set of golf clubs -- with you on vacation this summer? If the answer is yes, consider adding personal property endorsements, which extend your homeowners coverage while you’re 'on the road.'

Is your swimming pool the envy of the neighborhood? Disasters can strike even the most safety-conscious of pool-owners, so be sure you have adequate liability coverage.

Is your home (or vacation property) in an area prone to hurricanes, windstorms or floods? Not all homeowners policies cover damage stemming from these perils. If yours does not, additional insurance can be purchased to ensure you're protected against such disasters.

Will you be taking that long-awaited international trip this summer? Consider purchasing a special travel insurance policy to help protect against trip cancellation and lost baggage costs, as well as unexpected medical expenses.

If you’re a dog-owner, do you have adequate liability insurance? Even the friendliest of pooches can accidentally bite someone.

Do you have kids in college that will be renting an apartment for the summer? Kids can be prone to accidents outside the home, be sure your homeowners policy provides liability insurance off premises.

Renting a car? Check to see if your homeowners or renters policy covers items accidentally left in your rental car.