Tips for Seasonal Homeowners

When summer comes, most people want to ease up on their work schedule, go on vacation or enjoy the fine weather. Thinking about homeowners insurance is probably not high on their list of priorities. But the summer is when people often travel and leave their homes unattended, exposing themselves to risk. Having the right insurance coverage can help you relax this summer, not to mention saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars should disaster strike.

Important Insurance Tips

Make sure that your homeowners policy covering your primary residence extends your liability coverage to your vacation or rental property. You may have to purchase a separate policy.

  • Check the amount of liability insurance to make sure you are covered adequately since there is a higher risk of accidents associated with a seasonl home property than your own home.
  • Consider purchasing extra liability insurance.
  • Check to see if you have proper coverage for hurricane or windstorm damage if you own a home near the coast. In many cases, homeowners policies may provide limited coverage on hurricane damage and may or may not provide windstorm protection.
  • Call your insurance agent for information on flood insurance. Most homeowners policies do not provide flood coverage and if so, might require a thirty day waiting period before it becomes effective.

Maintenance Tips

  • Don't keep valuable items in your rental property or your vacation home.
  • Provide helpful phone numbers and information for guests or renters (trash pickup, beach stickers, appliance directions, emergency numbers)
  • Keep utilities on minimum coverage even if you are gone for an extended period of time.
  • Check on your property frequently (even if you have a management company rent or clean the property on a regular basis)
  • Maintain a checklist of house contents.
  • Make sure walkways and stairs are free of clutter.
  • Check porch and deck railings for loose boards.
  • Check outside lighting and all electrical appliances.